Sung Park

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

    As the founder of MUST, Sung started her career as a makeup artist over 20 years ago. Working for a media company, she worked with many Korean celebrities, and K-Pop groups.

    Sung currently works actively on sets of TV commercials, movies, photo shoots, and weddings with great enthusiasm and passion.

Jiae Song.jpg

Jiae Song (Jessica)

Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist & Personal Color Consultant

    Started her career in  South Korea and move to NYC 14 years ago as a makeup artist to collaborate with inspiring models and photographers working at fashion shows and photoshoots.
    She used her experiences as a stepping stone to different areas of hair and makeup, such as movies, commercials, e-commerce, and weddings.


Angela Choi

Hair Stylist

    MUST hair stylist. Up, down, buns, braids, twists, curls, ponytail half up/down, topknot, flower, jewel crown, and everything and anything in between she can MUST style.